Weather Tight

Marvel Paints Longer Weather Tight is an excellent quality emulsion which is specially formulated for use on all exterior surfaces. Marvel Paints Weather Longer Tight gives highly durable finish, long lasting protection to all exterior surfaces. The smooth finish of Marvel Paints Weather Longer Tight has the highest degree of durability and is resistant to all types of weather conditions. It is specially developed for exterior surfaces including brick work, plaster, concrete, wall boards, gypsum etc.

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  • Rs.18,225 (16 Ltr)
  • Rs. 4,640(4 Ltr)
  • Rs.1,310(1 Ltr)

Special Features:

  • Superior Alkali Resistant
  • Walls Stay Clean Longer
  • Rain & Crack Proof
  • Keep Home Cool

Other Information:

  • No. of recommended coats: 2 or more
  • Application: Brush / Roller / Spray
  • Thinner: Clean water
  • Cleaning: Clean all equipment with water
  • Drying Time: 2 – 4 hours between coats


Handle with care. Stir the contents thoroughly and apply evenly.

Physical Properties:

Color                              Standard color Range

Finish                             Matt

Flashpoint                   N/A – Water-based

Specific Gravity          1.40 – 1.60

Solids (vol %)*             42 ± 2

Coverage Area:

Weather Longer Tight covers 130 sq. ft (per liter per coat)


It is available in 1 Ltr, 4 Ltr and 16 Ltr packs.