Wall Putty

Marvel Paints Wall Putty (Water-Based) is a high-quality filler for all types of interior masonry surfaces such as brickwork, chipboard, hardboard, plaster, and cement. It is ready to use and easy to apply. It is specially developed with excellent filling properties. It gives a smooth finish for topcoats.

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  • Rs. 3,595 (20 kg)


Handle with care. Stir the contents thoroughly and apply evenly.

Other Information:

  • No. of recommended coats: 1 – 2 coats
  • Application: Putty Applicator
  • Thinner: Clean water
  • Thinning: Ready To Use, Water if Required
  • Cleaning: Cleaning all equipment with water
  • Drying Time: 3 – 6 hours between coats

Physical Properties:

Color                              Standard color Range

Finish                             Matt

Flashpoint                   N/A – Water-based

Specific Gravity          1.40 – 1.60

Solids (vol %)*             42 ± 2

Coverage Area:

Wall Putty covers 60 sq. ft (per kg per coat).


It is available in 20kg pack.