Aluminum Finish

Marvel Paints Aluminum Finish is a Silver Paint With a High Metallic Texture Which Protects the Surface From Corrosion, Discoloration, and Effects of Mild Heat. Typical uses Include Chimneys, Pipe Lines, Storage Vessels, Steam Pipes, Machinery Surfaces, Oven Doors and Heat Exchangers.

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Physical Properties:

Color                              Standard Color Range

Finish                            Matt

Flashpoint                  N/A – Water-based

Specific Gravity         1.40 – 1.60

Solids (vol %)*             42 ± 2


Handle with care. Stir the contents thoroughly and apply evenly.


It is available in 0.25 Ltr, 0.91 Ltr and 3.64 Ltr  packs.


  • Rs. 4,662(3.64 Ltr)
  • Rs. 1,249 (0.91 Ltr)
  • Rs. 420(0.25 Ltr)