Matt Enamel

Marvel Paints Matt Enamel is an excellent quality paint that protects the surface from water and its vapors. It is washable which is why its use maintains the beauty of walls, roof, wood, metal chipboards, and hardboards especially bathroom, kitchen, and corridors for years.

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  • Rs. 4,995 (3.64 Ltr)
  • Rs. 1,340 (0.91 Ltr)


Handle with care. Stir the contents thoroughly and apply evenly.

Other Information:

  • No of recommended coats: 2 – 3 coats
  • Application: Brush / Roller / Spray
  • Thinner: Turpentine Oil
  • Thinning:  10-25% Brush, Roller and 30-40% Spray
  • Cleaning: With Turpentine Oil
  • Drying Time:  12 hours between coats

Physical Properties:

Color                              Standard color Range

Finish                             Matt

Flashpoint                        N/A – Water based

Specific Gravity         1.40 – 1.60

Solids (vol %)*             42 ± 2

Coverage Area:

Matt Enamel covers 170 sq. ft (per litter per coat).


It is available in 0.91 Ltr and 3.64 Ltr packs.