Can Art Boost Tourism?

Marvel Paints answered this question in an Adventurous manner. Rang De Galiyat, an amazing event hosted by Marvel Paints.A bunch of Enthusiastic Artists was gathered around at a beautiful mountain resort known as Nathia Gali. Here’s what we did there to enhance and promote beautiful Pakistan and show its colors all around.


We initiated the event with coloring shops and stalls on the roadside in Nathia Gali. Pictures below show the energy levels of our talented artists from different universities in Lahore. Belly-full of laughter and body full of energy to develop this beautiful place into a breathtaking experience. Also learning the ethics and values of the community there and exchanging few words with these people were noteworthy for us. After all the art and craft, Marvel Paints arranged a mini social night including a bonfire and fancy dinner filled with music, dance and joys where our lovable artists had fun and memorable moments of the day.